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The Telehealth Extension and Evaluation Act and what it Means for You

The bill will extend current telehealth access for Medicare patients, but why should business owners care about changes to Medicare?

There is no doubt that you can relate to at least one of these scenarios:

  • A child gets sick and their parents spend countless hours at the doctor’s offices trying to diagnose them and provide treatment. The parents now must take time off work, hire babysitters for their other children, etc.

  • A common cold causes an employee to miss work in order to see a doctor when a virtual appointment would have sufficed.

  • Refilling a prescription can require an in-person doctor visit multiple times a year, having to arrange for childcare or leave work to get to the doctor’s office.

Our health care system wastes more than just money, it also wastes our time. Telehealth solutions are a way for everyone to save time while allowing us to improve productivity and lower costs. Yet, in our post-pandemic society, it is at risk of disappearing. The proposed Telehealth Extension and Evaluation Act would extend current Medicare telehealth access for patients through 2024. But the question is why should business owners care about changes to Medicare? Read entire article by Paul Johnson

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