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Ben Kowalski: HAHU Leader of Excellence

As sponsor to the cocktail hour on June 21, 2016 for the Houston Association of Health Underwriters Awards Banquet, we'd like to take a moment to reflect on Benjamin Kowalksi and the leader that the association's highest award is named after.

Ben Kowalski was "well loved and respected for his contributions of time, talent, and leadership to [the] industry, to our association, and to our community," as published in NAHU's history. "The association wanted this award to recognize individuals that spent significant time and effort, not only in support of our industry, but also of the community.

Ben Kowalski pictured during in Korea

Ben Kowalski, therefore, was the association's first selection.

"Ben was a truly kind, caring, patient, and gentle man. His trademark calmness and willingness to help was noted by all. His avid membership in [the] association included support, influence, advice and money. Yet, he preferred absence from the spotlight," his daughter Kathy Sandler recounts.

Fortunately, as the first recipient of our local association's highest award, Ben's sage advice was used to develop the criteria for future recipients for this award of excellence.

That criteria includes these simple requirements:

* Significant contribution of time and talent to further the health insurance industry

* Must be a current member of the Houston Association of Health Underwriters

* Must display the character traits of skills and leadership

* Must promote the principles of professionalism and idealism

* Must display significant community support in all aspects of both personal and professional achievement.

Ben's involvement in teaching, scouting, and business have left many blessed by having associated with him, including our own local association of over 300 members in this year alone.

Therefore, let us take a moment during this year's awards banquet to reflect on those contributions and to raise our glass in a toast for the excellence of Ben Kowalski and the lasting influence he has left in his stead.

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