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Mission and Values





Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. At Benefit Insurance Consultants, Inc., we pride ourselves on moral and ethical integrity in all business practices, and likewise, from the clients we operate with. 



The Affordable Health Care Act was passed to ensure each American has affordable health care coverage and to protect patients from a seeming lack of transparency then found in the industry. 


We, at Benefit Insurance Consultants, Inc. have recognized this initiative and have taken it upon ourselves to facilitate it. We do so by remaining available for questions and comments and by being open, honest and straightforward in all communication.



Our mission is to add value to a changing market by yielding predictable and reliable rates and service for your enterprise and for years to come. We pride ourselves in accommodating dynamic health and insurance plans to fit the needs of your business, and also, in building a relationship with your administration to encourage continued excellence in all that we do.

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