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Long Term Disability, Why Do You Need It?

What is LTD?

"Long-Term Disability (LTD) insurance is private insurance that helps people who can't work because of a disability. If you have LTD insurance, it will replace some of the income you lose when you can't work because of a disability. Some people have LTD insurance from their employers."

  • What conditions qualify you for it?

  • Can I still work while on it?

  • What documents do you need?

  • How long can you stay on it?

What are the benefits of LTD?

"Long-term disability is a good investment for most people because it dramatically reduces the risk of financial setbacks if you become disabled. Without a policy, that period with no income could make it hard to afford everyday necessities, support your family, or keep up with savings and retirement goals."

Let us help you sort through all your questions and get you the right policy for you. Contact us today!


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