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How to Find Balance

Life can be a juggling act. Work, family, and personal needs compete for your time and attention. Finding a sense of balance can help. You can live a rich and dynamic life and keep up with your responsibilities. Keep reading and learn how to balance your life.

At home

  • Spend time with your kids. This boosts their self-esteem and strengthens your relationships. Spend as much quality time with them as you can.

  • Make meal times special. Eat together as a family several times a week. Encourage everyone to share news and excitement. And serve healthy meals that everyone enjoys.

  • Hold family meetings. Use regular meetings to discuss goals, problems, events, and chores.

  • Keep a family calendar. Note all appointments, meetings, activities, and special occasions. Post the calendar where everyone can use it.

  • Have fun as a family. Plan fun family activities. Exercise together - try bike rides or hikes. Join fundraising walks and fun runs. Take day trips to relaxing places. Read entire article at Cigna

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