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How to Deal with Anxiety at Work

What is work anxiety?

Work anxiety is a form of emotional distress associated with real or anticipated pain around your job. Many people experience it and use a range of tactics to manage it.

What causes work anxiety?

You can experience work anxiety at any job and it can be brought on by several causes:

  • You’re without the resources necessary to do your job effectively

  • You’re in a toxic work environment that is led by an abusive boss or co-worker

  • You’re underemployed and/or underpaid

  • You dislike the industry you’re working in

  • You feel trapped in the very job that is causing you work anxiety

  • You lack the skills or knowledge necessary to do your job effectively.

You can also experience new job anxiety. This could stem from a fear you may have about meeting the expectations of a new role or new boss. The unknown can be stressful, particularly if you’re under pressure to quickly deliver results.

How do I know if I have work anxiety? Read entire article by Cigna


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