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How to Be Happy Every Day with These 10 Simple Tips

For many, finding happiness is a life-long effort that they adapt along the way. While there are no rules about how to be happy, many people have success with the ideas outlined here.

What are some secrets on how to find happiness?

Learning how to live a happy life is a common goal. Collective wisdom suggests you can only learn how to be happy after you've learned how to be happy with yourself.

Consider the following 10 tips for how to live a happy life.

  1. Recognize that you have choicesWhile you can’t prevent many of the difficulties that you'll encounter in life, you can control how you respond to them. You'll be more content once you begin to see happiness as a choice rather than as a good fortune that only some people enjoy.

  2. Practice gratitudeEven during the most difficult life experiences, there are often things to be grateful for. Acknowledging what is good in your life is an essential step in learning how to live a happy life. Read entire article by Cigna.


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