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How Effective Is Low-Impact Exercise?

What is low-impact exercise?

Low-impact exercise gets your heart rate up slowly and causes less pressure on your joints than high-impact exercise. Popular forms of low-impact exercise include walking, yoga, Pilates, swimming, skating, cross-country skiing, and golf. The movements associated with low-impact exercises like these are slower and gentler than those of high-impact exercises like running or weight-lifting.

Check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program, especially if you have health concerns.

What are the benefits of low-impact exercise?

Low-impact exercise can help you achieve your exercise goals without aggravating an existing injury or causing a new one.

Low-impact exercise also helps maintain and build muscle mass that decreases steadily with age. When you have more muscle tissue, your body can continue burning calories even while you’re resting. Read entire article by Cigna

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