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The human resources function has become increasingly complex over the years, and as a result managing it has become a challange. BIC-APPS is an intetegrated, easy-to-use cloud solution with sophisticated automation and reporting tools that make managing human capital a breeze. Regardless of the size of your organization, you will be able to leverage a scalable, affordable solution that faciliatates easy compliance with the regulatory and legislative changes that may occur, including ACA and HIPAA.
 "We Provide Time-Based Freedom"

Why choose BIC-Apps?

Aligns with strategic business needs

. Affordable, scalable cloud-based solutions that grows with the organization 


. 360⁰ view of unified employee data covering demographics, work, benefits and payroll 


. Real-time dashboard and custom reporting to enable more effective monitoring and decision making 


. Integrated modules that automates and streamlines workflow and saves time while ensuring data accuracy 

Flexible & Customizable

. Flexible and robust – use all the modules or only the ones needed and seamlessly connects to other 3rd party applications


. Customizable, including white-labeling 


. Easy-to-use interface for administrators and participants/employees means high user satisfaction 


.  Self-service employee online access for easy updates and to enhance employee communications 


.  Mobile access for administrators and employees to perform tasks on-the-go 

World-class support and infrastructure 

. Comprehensive 24/7/365 support gives access to the right resources on-demand including compliance experts 


. Guaranteed reliability and security with 2048-bit SSL certificate, two-factor authentication and 100% uptime 

BIC Apps Features:

Employee Benefits Administration

 . Employee benefits enrollment

 . EOI tracking

 . Health and life plans management

 . Life event verification tracking

 . OE handling and tracking

 . FSAand HSAfunctionalities

 . Custom and scheduled reporting

 . Benefitsconfirmationstatement

 . Email functionality

 . Digital forms repository

 . COBRA eligibility reporting

Managed Payroll

. Ability to pay W2 employees

. Ability to pay by check or direct deposit

. Scheduled and custom reports

. Automatically calculate, pay and file taxes for all states

. Generate deductions files

. Save W4 and I9 forms digitally

. One click payroll – preview and pay

. Add unlimited earnings and deductions

. Integrated timesheets and time clocks

HIPAA 834 Reporting to Carriers

. SSL protectedSaaS-based tool

. Over 280 carriers supported and growing

. Downloadable pre-defined templates for uploading initial as well as modified data

. Outgoing file status monitoring with instant error reports

. Predefined and custom tracking and analysis reports

. 3D mapping for participant's data, carrier data and HIPAA data

. Defaultmapping template

. File generation scheduling, encryption and automatic file transfers

. Plan cloning

EDI 270/271: Healthcare Eligibility Inquiry/Response

. Generate inquiries through EDI 270 transactions

. Get responses with EDI 271 transactions

. Receive data in almost any format including proprietary ones from insurance company forms

. Efficiently handle manual as well as automated responses according to requirements

. EDI transmission for all industry-specific codes with add/edit codes feature

. Processing of EDI files

. Overridingofautomatedschedules


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