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Don’t Stop, Modify! How to Adjust Activities as You Age

"We’ve all seen messages about aging— maybe more often negative than positive—for most of our lives. But research shows that negative attitudes towards aging can have an adverse affect1 on your health including brain function, physical ability and recovery from illness. On the flip side, having a positive outlook on getting older is a good thing. Engaging in daily activities can help people find meaning and age successfully.2 So how do you develop a positive attitude towards aging while still doing the activities you love? Keep reading and then put these tips into action.

Embrace the Change

As the Buddhists may say, everything is temporary and therefore subject to change. This certainly holds true for our bodies that continue to shift from the time we’re born. As you age, you may notice differences in your bones, brain and nervous system, heart, digestion and senses. Rather than focus on how your body used to function, try shifting your perspective to what your body can still do. You can also practice healthy habits like eating well, getting enough sleep, staying active and being social to help keep yourself as healthy as possible for as long as possible." - Read entire article by Humana

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